Mobility impaired hunting applications due Aug. 15

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Little Rock District
Story by Laurie Driver

Date: 07.23.2012
Posted: 07.23.2012 16:38
News ID: 92022

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- The Army Corps of Engineers will take applications through Aug. 15 for the 2012/2013 special deer and duck hunts that provide accessibility to mobility impaired hunters. The hunters will be selected via a random drawing in September.<br /> <br /> Eligible applicants must be non-ambulatory individuals with a permanent physical condition that severely impairs their mobility from either paralysis or amputation of one or both of the lower extremities, which requires assistance from a wheelchair, braces, crutches or other similar aids of mobility. <br /> <br /> A list of hunt locations, dates, allowable methods of harvest, and points of contact are provided in this notice. To obtain an application packet or get more information on a particular hunt, please contact the appropriate hunt coordinator. <br /> <br /> <strong> 2012-13 Mobility impaired hunting schedule </strong><br /> <br /> <strong> Location: </strong> Greeson <br /> <strong> Date: </strong> Oct. 8-9 <br /> <strong> Method: </strong> Blackpowder <br /> <strong> Contact: </strong> Marty Reynolds <br /> <strong> Phone: </strong> 870-285-2151 ext. 5003<br /> <br /> <strong> Location: </strong> Ouachita <br /> <strong> Date: </strong> Nov. 10-11<br /> <strong> Method: </strong> Blackpowder <br /> <strong> Contact: </strong> Joe Bailey <br /> <strong> Phone: </strong> 501-767-2108 ext. 4002<br /> <br /> <strong> Location: </strong> Mt. Home <br /> <strong> Date: </strong> Oct. 22-24<br /> <strong> Method: </strong> Blackpowder <br /> <strong> Contact: </strong> Jeremy Jennings <br /> <strong> Phone: </strong> 870-425-2700 ext. 145<br /> <br /> <strong> Location: </strong> Nimrod<br /> <strong> Date: </strong> Nov. 6-7<br /> <strong> Method: </strong> Blackpowder <br /> <strong> Contact: </strong> Kent White <br /> <strong> Phone: </strong> 479-272-4324 <br /> <br /> <strong> Location: </strong> DeQueen<br /> <strong> Date: </strong> Nov. 30-Dec. 2<br /> <strong> Method: </strong> Blackpowder <br /> <strong> Contact: </strong> Victor Kuykendall <br /> <strong> Phone: </strong> 870-584-4161<br /> <br /> <strong> Location: </strong> Greers Ferry<br /> <strong> Date: </strong> Nov. 6-8<br /> <strong> Method: </strong> Blackpowder <br /> <strong> Contact: </strong> Jason Presley <br /> <strong> Phone: </strong> 501-362-2416 <br /> <br /> <strong> Location: </strong> Clarksville<br /> <strong> Date: </strong> Nov. 2-3<br /> <strong> Method: </strong> Blackpowder <br /> <strong> Contact: </strong> Robert Ahlert <br /> <strong> Phone: </strong> 501-340-1740<br /> <br /> <strong> Location: </strong> AR Post<br /> <strong> Date: </strong> Nov. 28-30<br /> <strong> Method: </strong> Blackpowder <br /> <strong> Contact: </strong> Daren Olson <br /> <strong> Phone: </strong> 870-534-0451 <br /> <br /> <strong> Location: </strong> Cooks Lake <br /> <strong> Date: </strong> Dec. 7-9<br /> <strong> Method: </strong> Modern Gun <br /> <strong> Contact: </strong> John Stark <br /> <strong> Phone: </strong> 870-282-8247<br /> <br /> <strong> Location: </strong> DeGray Duck <br /> <strong> Date: </strong> Jan. 12-13<br /> <strong> Method: </strong> Shotgun <br /> <strong> Contact: </strong> Jeff Lockwood<br /> <strong> Phone: </strong> 870-246-5501 ext. 4012<br /> <br /> These special hunts on federal property are provided through a partnership with the corps, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, and the Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission.