Best Warrior competitor desires to serve his community

U.S. Army Reserve Command
Story by Staff Sgt. Peter Ford

Date: 07.20.2012
Posted: 07.20.2012 15:07
News ID: 91902
Best Warrior Competitor desires to serve his community

FORT MCCOY, Wis. — Inspired by his first sergeant, Spc. Joshua G Pelletier entered the 2012 Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition at Fort McCoy, Wis., to help him become the best soldier he could be. <br /> <br /> Pelletier, a combat medic from Boston, assigned to the 405th Combat Army Support Hospital, trained hard to prepare for the competition. He wants to be a good soldier like his first sergeant. <br /> <br /> “When I first met 1st Sgt. Joe Cunningham, I was mesmerized by the things he had done in his military career,” said Pelletier. “After speaking to him, I knew that was the type of soldier I would like to be.”<br /> <br /> Just like his first sergeant, Pelletier, wants to be an airborne ranger, but first he added that he wants to represent his unit well in the Best Warrior Competition. <br /> <br /> “The competition will be good training for me,” said Pelletier. “This will help prepare me for other things I want to do in my Army career as well as my civilian career.”<br /> <br /> Pelletier wants to be a policeman for the Boston Police Department. He added that being in the military and being a Best Warrior would aid him to get a job like that.<br /> <br /> “Serving my country will give me an edge over the other competitors who want to be policemen on the Boston Police Department,” said Pelletier. “<br /> <br /> With a bright future and goals, Pelletier certainly have options. However, his future is put on temporary hold, while he competes and eagerly looks forward to this week’s outcome.