ISAF Joint Command morning operational update

ISAF Joint Command
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Date: 04.30.2012
Posted: 04.30.2012 01:31
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KABUL, Afghanistan – An Afghan led and coalition supported security force detained a Taliban facilitator during an operation in Daman district, Kandahar province, today.

The facilitator provided vehicles for suicide attacks against Afghan and coalition security forces throughout the province.

The security force detained two additional insurgents and seized multiple weapons as a result of this operation.

In other International Security Assistance Force news throughout Afghanistan:


In Sabari district, Khost province, an Afghan-led security force detained a Haqqani leader during an operation today. The leader directed roadside bombings and other attacks against Afghan and coalition troops. He also supplied weapons and ammunition to insurgents in the area. The security force detained one additional insurgent as a result of this operation.


An Afghan security force, supported by coalition troops, captured a Taliban leader during an operation in Bala Boluk district, Farah province, Saturday. In addition to directing insurgents, the leader is suspected of using intimidation and threat techniques to force locals into aiding the Taliban.