Flag football kicks off CG Cup competition 2012

Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego
Story by Lance Cpl. Katalynn M. Rodgers

Date: 01.10.2012
Posted: 01.20.2012 14:40
News ID: 82639
Flag football kicks off CG Cup competition 2012

SAN DIEGO - Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego started the 2012 Commanding General’s Cup season with flag football. The day’s games wrapped up with a toppling win by Pacific Tactical Law Enforcement Team against Finance 18 – 10.

At the start of the game, PACTACLET was on offense. Finance was able to keep up a good defense, successfully skunking PACTACLET until nearly the end of the quarter.

PACTACLET’s Petty Officer 3rd Class Maurice Sales, maritime enforcement specialist, was able to break Finance’s defense and score the first touchdown of the game, scoring six points.

In the second quarter, PACTACLET once again started on offense. Although Finance was able to hogtie PACTACLET most of the quarter, PACTACLET overcame their defense once more with minutes to spare.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Jorge Lopez, maritime enforcement specialist, foiled Finance’s defense and scored PACTACLET’s second touchdown of the game, bringing their score to 12.

However, Finance was able to get on the board when they scored a safety seconds before the quarter ended leaving the score 12 – 2 at half-time.

A safety is scored when the ball carrier’s flag is removed behind his goal line. The defending team then receives two points, and the offense has to kick the ball from their 20-yard line to the defense.

“Yeah, we were definitely rusty,” said Staff Sgt. Hector Alanis, an offensive player for Finance. “With the new cup rules I had to find a team to play on, and I didn’t get the chance to practice with these guys. We really need to practice together before the next game.”

Finance took on the third quarter as offense. Not letting PACTACLET’s lead discourage them, they held PACTACLET off for the entire quarter. In the process they earned another safety, bringing the score to 12 – 4.

PACTACLET went into the fourth quarter as defense. Lopez was able to intercept the ball and run it through Finance’s defense and across the empty field for their third touchdown.

Finance was able to retaliate before the end of the quarter with Lance Cpl. Keith Thayer, combat readiness trainer instructor, H & S Bn., scoring their only touchdown of the game. This made the final score 18 – 10.

With PACTACLET’s victory among them, there were no hard feelings between the teams and they all showed great sportsmanship as they lined up to high-five each other and tell each other, “good game.”

A total of eight teams faced off on one of MCRD’s fields for the first flag football game of the season.

Teams participating in this year’s flag football season are 2nd Recruit Training Battalion, 12th Marine Corps District, Recruit Administration Branch, Consolidated Personnel Administration Center, Assistant Chief of Staff/Recruit Liaison Section, Recruiter’s School, Pacific Tactical Law Enforcement Team and Finance.

“Everyone’s a little rusty,” said Rachel Dickinson, intramural sports coordinator, Semper Fit. “You can tell which teams have been practicing and which teams were thrown together to see how it goes. As the season unfolds you’ll start to see the competition become more competitive.”

Whichever team finishes in first place for the flag football season will earn 12 points towards their CG Cup score, second will earn 8 and third will earn 4.

Over the course of the CG Cup season points are earned for each event that teams participate in. At the end of the year, when all events have been completed the points are tallied up. The top dog is then announced at the end of the final field meet.

The top three teams are awarded prizes. First place receives $300 towards their unit funds and the Commanding General’s Cup of Excellence to display in their office. Second receives $200 for their funds and third receives $100.

“The Commanding General’s (Cup) program is intended to promote morale, welfare, recreation, sportsmanship, leadership and most of all competitive fun,” said Dickinson. “It’s important for our hard working competitors here on MCRD to have a release and some fun away from work.”