Hardworking junior Marine shines among her peers

III Marine Expeditionary Force
Story by Lance Cpl. Michael Iams

Date: 01.13.2012
Posted: 01.12.2012 20:56
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Hardworking junior Marine shines among her peers

OKINAWA, Japan - A Marine is a hardworking, self-disciplined, motivated individual who strives to better themselves and everyone around them.

Lance Cpl. Lahaina McCoyMorales, a clerk for Personnel Support Detachment 36, Marine Aircraft Group 36, 1st Marine Aircraft wing, III Marine Expeditionary Force, is a Marine highlighted by her previous sergeant major, Sgt. Maj. Laura Brown, now the base sergeant major for Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., because she demonstrates the traits of a successful leader.

“McCoyMorales is a motivated warrior,” said Brown. “She does everything with excellence and excels in her training.”

“In garrison, McCoyMorales is studious with her specialty in supply,” said 1st Lt. James Jackson, a logistics officer with MAG-36. “In the field, she is just as proficient in her job and finds creative solutions to simple problems.”

According to McCoyMorales, she joined the Marine Corps to do a job that was hands on. She made the decision to enlist, and in December of 2009 she was on her way to recruit training.

“Boot camp had its ups and downs, but overall I enjoyed it and loved the training,” said the Freemont, Calif., native.

After boot camp, McCoyMorales went to her military occupational specialty school in North Carolina to learn the supply trade.

In recent deployments, McCoyMorales displayed traits that were not only recognized by her peers but also by seniors.

“McCoyMorales is a hard worker and understands the task at hand the first time they are given,” said Cpl. Jeremy E. Sherwood, a fiscal clerk with MAG-36. “She strives to better herself in everything that she does.”

Dependability and integrity are some of the many traits that a Marine must have and McCoyMorales has them, according to her non-commissioned officers.

“When you need something (done) day or night, she is the one you can count on,” said Sgt. Latasha Asado-Adjei, the assistant warehouse chief with MAG-36. “She accomplishes all that she sets out to accomplish and is willing to do more.”

McCoyMorales has proved that she is ready to become a leader among her peers and can handle the responsibilities a leader must take.

“McCoyMorales stays on top of things and takes it upon herself to take on the leadership roles,” said Gonzalez. “When she becomes an NCO she will use the experiences she learned as a lance corporal to teach her Marines.”