1st Brigade Combat Team, 34th Red Bull Infantry Division
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Date: 11.24.2011
Posted: 12.31.2011 06:54
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KUWAIT CITY - The 112th Military Police Battalion was tasked with providing soldiers for a Thanksgiving Day security detail Nov. 24.

The detail, which was held at the Kuwaiti National Guard Officers Club in Kuwait City, was a joint Thanksgiving Day celebration for the U.S. military. The Kuwait National Guard hosted approximately 200 service members from the various U.S. military bases located throughout Kuwait.

Located in Kuwait City, the Officers Club presented a very friendly and resort-type atmosphere offering many festivities, as well as access to its own private beach and peer. The day’s festivities began at 10 a.m. and concluded at 5 p.m. Some of the day’s festivities included various board games, ping pong, air rifle target shooting, beach volleyball and swimming in the ocean. Soccer and basketball were also available on the club’s private soccer field and basketball court.

Group festivities included Bingo and raffle drawings for donated prizes from various sponsors. The highlight of the day’s festivities was a full-course buffet-style meal with various foods, including the Thanksgiving Day favorite, turkey.

The soldiers tasked for this detail were Sgt. 1st Class Mike Nobles, Sgt. 1st Class Steve Collins, Staff Sgt. Tony Jones, Sgt. James Seymour, Sgt. Brad Kane, Sgt. Ashley Johnson, Cpl. Timothy Gardner and Spc. Justin Coomer, from the 112th Military Police Battalion.

These soldiers were selected by their leaders based on their individual military police skills. These soldiers were responsible for the welfare and safety of all participating service members. All soldiers tasked for this detail worked in excess of 10 hours, of which, most was spent on a roving foot patrol. These soldiers conducted their mission flawlessly and represented the 112th Military Police Battalion, as well as the entire Military Police Corps, with the spirit of “assisting, protecting and defending.”