Serbia proudly participates in multi-national exercise

Combined Endeavor
Story by Sgt. Brian Rodan

Date: 09.09.2011
Posted: 09.09.2011 11:01
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Combined Endeavor 2011

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany – Serbia is proudly making their presence known in Combined Endeavor 2011, a 40-nation military exercise, from Sept. 9-22, in Grafenwoehr, Germany. The goal of the exercise is to improve world-wide military communications, and computer network inter-connectivity to help nations partner together in responding to regional crisis or disaster.

Capt. Nenad Denic, Serbian Delegation chief said the Combined Endeavor exercise has given his countries soldiers the opportunity to train and wok in the international environment.

“Being here for this exercise has given us the chance to work with other nations we never would have been able to before,” he said.

Combined Endeavor gives other countries a chance to share and learn more about not only their technologies and systems, but other countries as well.

“This exercise helps Serbia a lot, first, we get to see where we are as a country and we receive a great amount of experience,” Denic said. “It also provides the opportunity to see new technology, new technical solutions and new systems that others may have.

“With this knowledge we can bring it home and can improve our army and our soldiers experience because each of the Serbian soldiers participating are going to present to their units what they learned in Combined Endeavor.”

The exercise not only improves the countries skills, but also gives a chance for individuals to improve theirs.

“The data we collect here about our systems during the exercise helps us to improve our systems and our knowledge of the systems,” he said.

“Personally I use the experience to improve my work. Also a whole J6 management is using Combined Endeavor to make our system better,” Denic said.

One of the key goals for the exercise is to give everyone an opportunity to interact and learn about each others unique cultures and create friendships.

“Everybody is smiling and all nations are actually willing to help and befriend each other. It's a great chance to make new friends and stay in touch with them for a long time,” Denic said.