Get in shape: Functional fitness prepares Marines for CFT

Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego
Story by Lance Cpl. Eric Quintanilla

Date: 07.07.2011
Posted: 07.19.2011 15:43
News ID: 73967
Get in shape: Functional fitness prepares Marines for CFT

SAN DIEGO - Marines are always looking for ways to stay on top, striving for peak physical fitness levels to achieve perfect scores on their physical and combat fitness tests.<br /> <br /> Functional fitness is about preparing people to handle day-to-day tasks and real life situations by mimicking movements found in everyday life.<br /> <br /> “Functional fitness specializes in not specializing. Every day the workout changes,” said Master Sgt. Andres Castro, depot food technician, food service division. “It combines strength with muscular endurance.”<br /> <br /> The CFT is an example of how the Marine Corps implements functional fitness in the regular training schedule. Examples of functional fitness exercises include push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and many others that are very recognizable. <br /> <br /> The major difference is putting them all together. In a functional fitness workout, one would do each workout for a minute straight, moving to the next with no rest. This can aid with CFT scores because it is very similar to the maneuver under fire.<br /> <br /> “You combine all the movements to do a short, but intense, workout with a lot of benefits,” said Andrea Callahan, Marine Corps Community Service health promotions coordinator. “Everything is scalable and modifiable, so anyone can do it.”<br /> <br /> The exercises are compound movements, meaning they utilize multiple muscle groups and joints. They are natural, effective, and efficient ways of moving the body and external objects. <br /> <br /> “Functional fitness mimics what Marines do in combat operations,” said Castro. “You transition from one task to the next.”<br /> <br /> By practicing these movements within a workout program, Marines can effectively prepare to better handle the tasks of everyday life. <br /> <br /> “You’re able to do everyday things better,” said Callahan. “A major benefit is it’s adaptability to everyday life.”<br /> <br /> Although, nothing is needed to begin a functional fitness training program, examples of equipment that can add difficulty are barbells, jump ropes, or even a pack with weight in it. MCRD also has a Functional Fitness area at the gym with space and equipment.<br /> <br /> If interested in starting a function fitness training program, asking a friend or researching online will help to ensure all exercises are preformed correctly.<br /> <br /> The 101 Days of Summer Campaign will come to a close with a team functional fitness event named Fight Gone Bad Aug. 26.