Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader captured wearing burka

ISAF Joint Command
Courtesy Story

Date: 06.28.2011
Posted: 06.28.2011 04:59
News ID: 72877

KABUL, Afghanistan – A combined Afghan and coalition security force captured a senior Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader and two associates during a nighttime security operation in Kunduz District, Kunduz province, yesterday.

The leader, who also supported the Taliban network, was responsible for planning attacks against the Afghan National Police. He also facilitated suicide bomb operations and coordinated attacks against other Afghan security forces.

The Afghan-led security force, following several tips, located the leader at a compound in the district. The leader attempted to disguise himself as a female by wearing a burka, which is an all-enveloping cloak worn by some Muslim women.

After questioning, the force was able to identify and detain the leader. Additionally, two of his associates were detained for further questioning.

In the last two months there have been several instances of targeted males wearing burkas in attempts to disguise themselves in order not to be caught by Afghan-led forces.