SPAWAR tests emerging technologies to improve warfighter readiness

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
Story by Nicole Collins

Date: 06.15.2011
Posted: 06.15.2011 18:20
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SPAWAR tests emerging technologies to improve warfighter readiness

SAN DIEGO – Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command participated in the 2011 Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration with coalition and North Atlantic Treaty Organization partners, June 16.

Using real-world inspired scenarios, CWID 2011 conducted technology trials ranging from web-based situational awareness tolls, enhanced wireless technology, blue force tracking systems, maritime surveillance, translation devices, and enhanced information assurance and validation innovations.

“This event allows coalition partners to test and evaluate their industry’s technology and fielded C2 systems with ours,” said Jay Iannacito, Systems Center Pacific CWID project manager.

The global interoperability event provides a robust environment for U.S. warfighters, NATO and coalition forces to demonstrate new and emerging technologies in a realistic operational environment addressing information sharing capability gaps in theater. Upon returning from Afghanistan, several coalition war fighters functioned as operators throughout the two week demonstration.

“Cooperation with coalitional allies is very important, whenever and wherever,” said Finnish Navy Lt. Cmdr. Juha Ravanti “The only way to accomplish interoperability is to move away from national systems to multinational systems and procedures.”

Warfighters and operators evaluated each technology solution for their operational utility while technical experts assessed technical interoperability and information assurance with existing U.S. and coalition systems.

SPAWAR System Center Pacific assessed and demonstrated 30 technologies designed to improve and enhance Command and Control, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capabilities, providing firsthand analysis of the technologies.

Upon completion of the CWID trial assessments, the data will report the results to coalition, service and agency acquisition decision makers as well as combatant commanders.

CWID is a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff directed annual event that engaged cutting-edge information technology, focusing on operational shortfalls indentified by combatant commanders and government agencies.

As the Navy’s Information Systems Dominance Command, SPAWAR provides the tactical networks, space systems, and C4ISR capabilities and services to enable critical command, control and coordination required by fleet operators.