4th CAB Petroleum Operations NCOIC earns API Tactical Petroleum Soldier of 2010 award

1st Armored Division Combat Aviation Brigade
Story by Spc. Jeanita Pisachubbe

Date: 03.23.2011
Posted: 05.17.2011 08:37
News ID: 70513
4th CAB Petroleum Operations NCOIC earns API Tactical Petroleum Soldier of 2010 award

CAMP MARMAL, Afghanistan – U.S. Army Sgt. Manuel Logan, petroleum quality surveillance laboratory non-commissioned officer in charge, Company A, 404th Aviation Support Battalion, 4th Combat Aviation Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, won the 2010 American Petroleum Institute award for Tactical Petroleum soldier, announced March 23. Logan is nearing the end of a year-long deployment as part of Operation Enduring Freedom 10-11. He is the first U.S. service member to provide fuel testing capabilities in Regional Command-North.

According to his commander, Capt. Lindsay Ryan, Logan facilitated the training, testing and certification procedures to petroleum laboratory specialists operating petroleum quality analysis systems at various locations within the 4th CAB’s area of responsibility. He performed quality assurance and surveillance for over 35 million gallons of fuel in support of RC-N.

Logan cites the sentry soldiers of Company A as the true winners of the award. “They are the hardest workers I’ve encountered during the last decade,” he said, describing them as “bright,” “lab wizards,” and “God-sends.”

In addition to his contributions to mission success while in Afghanistan, Logan executed extensive and rigorous pre-deployment training which produced fully qualified laboratory technicians capable of executing demanding fuel testing operations in the geographically challenging locations of RC-N.

The API sets standards and provides technical direction for all aspects of petroleum production, refining, measurement, and fuel handling on a worldwide basis. The awards are presented annually to recognize excellence at the unit and individual levels based upon four critical mission categories: Army installation fixed bulk/retail petroleum operations; individual achievements and contributions of a fixed fuel facility operations and maintenance support; Army tactical petroleum operations; and individual achievements and contributions of tactical petroleum personnel.