Petraeus, Sedwill condemn Quran burning, call for people not to respond in kind

International Security Assistance Force HQ Public Affairs
Story by Staff Sgt. Jordan Jones

Date: 04.03.2011
Posted: 04.03.2011 12:11
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Petraeus, Sedwill condemn Quran burning, call for people not to respond in kind

KABUL, Afghanistan - Standing outside of the International Security Assistance Force Headquarters building in Kabul, Afghanistan, April 3, U.S. Army Gen. David Petraeus, commander, ISAF/U.S. Forces-Afghanistan, and British Ambassador Mark Sedwill, NATO senior civilian representative, strongly condemned the actions of Pastor Wayne Sapp on March 20.

“We condemn the action of the individual in the United States who burned a copy of the holy Quran. That action was hateful; it was intolerant, and it was extremely disrespectful,” said Petraeus.

Sedwill said, “This was an act of disrespect to the Muslim faith and to all peoples of faith. It does not represent the views of the peoples or governments of the alliance.”

The two senior members expressed condolences for those injured in the recent demonstrations.

“The people and the governments of the alliance both respect and defend the Muslim faith and are in Afghanistan to support a peaceful future for the Afghan people,” said Sedwill.

During a meeting with President Karzai this morning at the Afghan National Security Council meeting, Petraeus said all leaders are calling on their people not to respond with the same intolerance and bigotry, but to respond with calmness, tolerance, and respect.

“This is what we have sought to do, and I believe our Afghan partners have also sought to do,” said Petraeus.