Bullrush changes commanders

15th Marine Expeditionary Unit
Story by Cpl. Gabriel Velasquez

Date: 03.04.2011
Posted: 03.04.2011 19:18
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Bullrush changes commanders

Col. Roy A. Osborn relinquished command of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (15th MEU) to Col. Scott D. Campbell during a change of command ceremony at the Camp Del Mar parade deck March 4.

Osborn took charge in December 2008, and commanded the MEU during WestPac 10-1, a routine, seven-month deployment throughout the Western Pacific.

The 15th MEU conducted real-world operations across the globe, including the highly publicized flood relief efforts throughout Pakistan, and anti-piracy operations. Additionally, the 15th MEU provided close air support in Afghanistan, and participated in bi-lateral training with countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Timor Leste, Maldives, and Sri Lanka.

“The most memorable time of the deployment would have to be September 9,” explained Osborn, a Groveton, Texas native. “That day we dropped bombs in Afghanistan, were feeding flood victims in Pakistan, and taking down pirates in the Gulf of Aden.”

Osborn, who has been assigned to the Department of Aviation at the Pentagon, acknowledges the tireless efforts put forth by every Marine and Sailor who served with him at the 15th MEU.

“I couldn’t be prouder of what the MEU did,” he said. “Don’t forget the impact we had on millions of lives, and don’t forget our amphibious roots because that is the future of the Marine Corps,” added Osborn.

Assuming command, Campbell hopes to improve upon the already sound foundation of the MEU for their next deployment.

“This is already a really great unit as it is,” explained Campbell, an El Paso, Texas native. “I can’t wait to make sure we continue the great work that has already come before me.”

Campbell comes from Stuttgart, Germany where he served as the Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Division Chief and Counter Terrorism Branch Chief for US Africa Command’s Operations and Logistics Directorate.

The 15th MEU is comprised of approximately 2,200 Marines and sailors and is a forward deployed force of readiness capable of conducting numerous operations, such as Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations, Humanitarian Assistance Operations and a wide range of amphibious missions. The 15th MEU is currently in its dwell period after it completed a seven month Western Pacific deployment December 17, 2010.