Afghan sergeant major inducted into Hall of Fame

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Date: 01.18.2011
Posted: 01.22.2011 23:25
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KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan Sgt. Maj. of the Army Roshan Safi was recognized for his induction into the United States Army Sergeant Major Academy International Hall Of Fame Jan. 18.

With his induction, Safi joins an elite group of senior enlisted leaders who have attained the highest enlisted positions in their nation’s armed forces.

“The hall of honor award recognizes the special role of the non-commissioned officers, their responsibilities, accomplishments and the vital role they play in the defense of their nation,” said Command. Sgt. Maj. Marvin Hill, command senior enlisted leader for International Security Assistance Force/U.S. Forces Afghanistan.

Hill, who met Safi during an U.S. army conference in EL Paso, Texas, described him as a leader who inspires, has the vision and passion to achieve and injects energy and enthusiasm.

“He constantly reminds us all that soldiering is an outdoor sport,” said Hill. “It’s a contact sport and it’s an audience participation sport."

Since being appointed to his current position in June 2006, he has the monumental task of addressing the physical, professional and mental state of enlisted Afghan soldiers.

“I’m humbled to be here but the honor belongs to all the great soldiers who helped me get here,” Safi said. “If you look at where we started we have made progress.”

As the sergeant major of the Afghan National Army, Safi has represented and fought for the welfare of Afghan soldiers. His accomplishments include fostering esprit de corps in the ANA by creating a creed as well as a Soldier of the Year and Best Warrior Competition. He also developed and instituted soldier professionalization development and advancement, to include the development of the ANA Non-commissioned Officer’s Academy. Additionally, Roshan assisted in the development of literacy training programs throughout the Afghan army.

"We didn’t have retirement benefits,” he went on. “Today we have. We didn’t have medicine for the family. Today we have. Living conditions are getting better every day. We have made great progress and look forward to great progress in the future. The whole way has been a team effort.”