‘Wolverines’ train for future missions

4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division
Story by Sgt. Richard Colletta

Date: 01.12.2011
Posted: 01.12.2011 15:49
News ID: 63436
'Wolverines' train for future missions

FORT RILEY, Kan – Recently, soldiers of the 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, conducted a situational training exercise designed to challenge and sharpen their basic soldier skills.<br /> <br /> During the training, Soldiers in four-man squads conducted an eight-mile ruck march, tested their skills in clearing, disassembling and reassembling the M4 carbine assault rifle and M249 machine gun, performed proper vehicle maintenance and treated and evacuated casualties. <br /> <br /> Spc. Jeffrey Fuggit of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 4-1 BSTB, said the training was a great opportunity for soldiers to familiarize themselves with their equipment, vehicles and weapons.<br /> <br /> “It's great for all of us to get our hands on this stuff and to be able to improve and maintain our soldier skills,” he said.<br /> <br /> During the final event, Soldiers responded to a scenario in a simulated urban training environment in which a local sheik alerted U.S. forces of possible explosives in a nearby house. The soldiers had to investigate the report by talking to the sheik and then proceed to clear and search the house.<br /> <br /> Spc. Gilbert Macias of Alpha Company, 4-1 BSTB, said the training was tough, but he enjoyed it.<br /> <br /> “It was challenging, but it was also great motivation to get in better shape and improve myself,” he said. “Overall, it was a really good training experience.”<br /> <br /> The training event was organized and coordinated by Capt. Trevor Dursky of HHC, 4-1 BSTB.<br /> <br /> Dursky said the event was successful and called the training a “gut check” for soldiers. <br /> <br /> “We’re happy with the turnout,” he said. “This was a great event and a good tool for commanders to be able to assess and evaluate where their squads are with their basic Soldier skills.” <br /> <br /> Even though it seems like a short time since the Dragon brigade returned from a deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in August 2010, Wolverine battalion Soldiers are already preparing themselves for future missions, which according to Dursky was the point of the exercise.<br /> <br /> “It really sets a foundation from which we can build further training on and that’s the real value that we got from this,” he said. <br />