AUP, TF Lethal capture munitions cache in Jaji

Combined Joint Task Force 101
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Date: 12.16.2010
Posted: 12.18.2010 05:47
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AUP, TF Lethal capture munitions cache in Jaji

PAKTYA PROVINCE, Afghanistan – The Afghan Uniformed Police led a joint operation with Company A, 1st Battalion, 168th Infantry Regiment, in Jaji District that resulted in the discovery of a large insurgent weapons cache and several detainees Dec. 16.<br /> <br /> The cache included more than 25 rocket-propelled grenades, multiple mortar rounds, bomb-making materials and ammunition for small arms. <br /> <br /> The insurgents have used the area as a safe haven and as a hub to coordinate indirect fire attacks on Afghan National Security Forces and coalition forces throughout Jaji District.<br /> <br /> “I knew there were [nsurgents] living in that area,” said AUP Lt. Mahboob, a platoon leader in Jaji.<br /> <br /> Prior to the mission the villagers hadn’t been receptive to coalition forces.<br /> <br /> “Our predecessors told us [the village] was a bad place to go,” said U.S. Army 1st Lt. Mark Lucas of Iowa City, Iowa, platoon leader with Co A., 1st Bn., 168th Inf. <br /> <br /> The combined forces embraced the village with a friendly smile and treated the villagers with respect throughout the operation. <br /> <br /> “The villagers at the end of the operation wanted us to stay. They wanted to have a shura and chai tea with us,” Lucas said.<br /> <br /> During the movement out of the area, the combined forces took RPG and small-arms fire. The group quickly gained fire superiority, managed to keep the insurgents suppressed and allowed the ANSF and coalition forces to move to safety.<br />