Iraqi Army acquisition to aid in helicopter pilot development

United States Forces – Iraq, Deputy Commanding General (Advising and Training)
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Date: 12.11.2010
Posted: 12.13.2010 08:15
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CAMP TAJI, Iraq - The Iraqi Army Aviation Command received three Bell T-407 training helicopters at the directorate’s headquarters at Camp Taji Dec. 11.<br /> <br /> These helicopters will be used to train Iraqi army pilots with the 21st IqAAC Squadron to fly the Iraqi Armed 407, or IA-407, which is an Armed Scout Helicopter that is essentially a modified Bell 407 with forward-firing ground attack capabilities, according to United States Forces-Iraq officials with the Iraq Security and Assistance Mission. <br /> <br /> Additionally the IA-407 is equipped with Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance and data-link capabilities; and armed with .50-caliber machinegun and 2.75-inch rockets. A total of 27 IA-407s are scheduled for delivery to the 21st Squadron in late 2001 and early 2012.<br /> <br /> The Iraqi army already has two newly-qualified instructor pilots, who along with their USF-I advisor counterparts, will soon begin the process of developing a cadre of instructor pilots to establish a self-sustaining program to support Iraq’s Armed Scout Helicopter program.<br /> <br /> These three training helicopters made the trip from Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Ala., aboard a U.S. Air Force C-17 cargo aircraft. They are currently undergoing reassembly and flight testing prior to an official delivery ceremony in Taji that is scheduled for Dec. 15.