DLA provides holiday meals for troops

Defense Logistics Agency
Story by Strategic Communications DLA

Date: 11.24.2010
Posted: 11.29.2010 14:37
News ID: 61046

Although thousands of miles from wherever they may call home, America's military won't miss the tastes and smells of a hearty Thanksgiving meal. Preparations for providing 244,000 pounds of turkey, 8,600 cans of sweet potatoes and more than 38,000 pies began in the early spring.

Dining facilities and other distribution points throughout Iraq and Afghanistan are using that food in preparing Thanksgiving meals. In all, about 225 locations are serviced.

"Providing traditional holiday meals to these American heroes is one of the single most important things we do all year," said Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Scott Chambers. "It is an expression of our thanks and appreciation for what they are doing for America every day."

DLA expects to serve meals to more than 48,000 U.S. troops in Iraq and more than 95,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan, as well as thousands of allied troops and U.S. contractors working in those locations.

DLA Troop Support, with headquarters in Philadelphia, has a team of 10 men and women dedicated to guaranteeing that deployed soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines experience a memorable dinner each Thanksgiving.


Item Quantities Cost in $

Whole turkey 87,199 lbs 226,283.00
Turkey breast 33,223 lbs 157,144.79
Turkey thigh 24,432 lbs 54,972.00
Ham 20,176 lbs 54,557.00
Beef 46,755 lbs 294,231.67
Shrimp 29,664 lbs 191,894.40
Stuffing mix 14,448 lbs 25,345.95
Potatoes 17,340 lbs 30,691.80
Sweet Potatoes 4,104 cans 17,154.72

corn and green beans 1,377 cases 27,838.17
Cranberry sauce 2,508 cans 12,155.44
Pies 11,292 ea 57,910.00
Cakes 5,064 ea 60,802.20


Item Quantities Cost
Whole turkey 54,000 lbs 137,160
Turkey breast 30,000 lbs 141,900
Turkey thigh 16,000 lbs 36,000
Ham 30,000 lbs 82,500
Beef 66,000 lbs 360,240
Shrimp 27,000 lbs 205,200
Stuffing mix 27,300 lbs 80,428
Potatoes 16,725 lbs 30,461
Sweet Potatoes 4,500 cans 19,148

corn and green beans 68,250 lbs 28,305
Cranberry sauce 1,800 cans 8,724
Pies 27,000 ea 138,011
Cakes 3,800 ea 62,225