Army Staff Leaders tour Third Army

U.S. Army Central
Story by Cpl. Ryan Hohman

Date: 11.14.2010
Posted: 11.17.2010 10:04
News ID: 60324
Army Staff Leaders tour Third Army

CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait –Third Army continues to produce results, as it supports the Warfighters in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Lt. Gen. Daniel Bolger, who serves as the G-3/5/7 deputy chief of staff of the Army, and Lt. Gen. Mitchell Stevenson, who serves as the G-4 deputy chief of staff of the Army, toured Camp Arifjan to conduct a site visit and meet with Third Army leadership Nov. 14.

During the tour they were shown how Third Army is redefining supporting the Warfighter by taking retrograded equipment shipped from Iraq and redistributing it back to reset our Army or to the Warfighter in Afghanistan. This allows Third Army to Sustain the Force more efficiently while conserving costs and being fiscally responsible. The tour gave the generals a look at how Third Army is innovative and efficient in the use of resources.

“Third Army is doing a great job carrying out their mission effectively from everything I have seen here,” said Lt. Gen. Bolger. “Soldiers and civilian contractors of Third Army have put it all together. They’re ready to fight. They’re ready to Sustain the Fight today, and they are doing this while making the best possible use of the resources they’ve got.”

During the tour they were able to see first-hand how Third Army stands as the life line to the front line by ensuring supplies are on hand to the Warfighter before demand.

“It’s always a good idea to be able to see things first-hand,” said Lt. Gen. Stevenson. “There is no comparison to seeing first-hand how large the area is, how complex the mission is, and what an amazing job Third Army is doing.”