ANA build teamwork through soccer

Regimental Combat Team-2
Story by 1st Lt. Barry Morris

Date: 11.06.2010
Posted: 11.08.2010 23:17
News ID: 59692
ANA build teamwork through soccer

FORWARD OPERATING BASE DELARAM II, Afghanistan – Afghan National Army soldiers with 2nd Brigade Headquarters, 215th Corps came together to play a friendly game of soccer, Nov. 6, to build friendships and esprit de corps amongst their fellow Afghan soldiers.

Playing on an empty, dust laden field, more than 20 ANA soldiers participated in the soccer match, while their comrades cheered in excitement from the sidelines.

“It was enjoyable to the Coalition forces that watched the game, it was an opportunity to get away from the day-to-day monotony of the deployment and enjoy some really good soccer,” said Maj. Stephen Taylor, Afghan National Security Forces coordinator for Regimental Combat Team 2.

The ANA were originally scheduled to play the Afghan National Police, but during the warm-up session, the ANP had to leave in order to respond to an emergency call out in town.

“The intent of the game was to develop a continued working relationship between the local ANA brigade headquarters and the local police,” said Taylor.

Although the ANP were unable to stay for the match-up, the ANA utilized this time to work on their team building skills, demonstrating the friendship and unit cohesion that exists within the 2nd Brigade.

“We are a team. Soccer makes our friendships stronger, and it keeps us in good health.” said Sgt. Roha, an ANA soldier with 2nd Brigade Headquarters, 215th Corps, Afghan National Army, through an interpreter.

Teamwork is an essential part of the military, as well as community involvement.

“The overall goal is to conduct a program through the ANA and ANP located here in Delaram, which will provide the local youth another outlet through the organized sport,” added Taylor.

Whether they are on the field playing soccer or out patrolling the local villages, the ANA and ANP are one step closer to reaching their goal to provide security and stability throughout the Nimruz and Helmand provinces.