Train as we fight

1st Sustainment Brigade
Story by Staff Sgt. Matthew Veasley

Date: 11.04.2010
Posted: 11.05.2010 08:31
News ID: 59482

CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait - Non-commissioned officers from the 1st Infantry Division, 1st Sustainment Brigade, Special Troops Battalion, utilize battle focused training to train soldiers on life saving techniques here.

“The combat life saver course is a 40 credit hour, entry-level course, designed to give soldiers essential first-hand, point-of-injury, life saving skills to aid and assist their battle buddies and help them get back home to their loved ones,” said Sgt. Uriah Low, Combat Life Saver Instructor and Combat Medic , with the STB.

In combat, medics and combat life savers will encounter multiple situations that yield high stress and require maximum competence. The only way to perform and execute the mission successfully in any task is to train, educate and then train harder. “My main focus is to train as we fight,” said Low.

“Although the course was originated by high speed individuals at Fort Sam Houston, we have tailored our course environment to meet the intent of our mission,” said Low. “Our course is dedicated to the War Fighter, we have incorporated simulated gun fire, low light conditions, indirect fire on tent scenarios, convoy based scenarios and high stress demands that push our candidates to their limits. A Combat Life Saver-trained soldier, will be depended on to provide life saving aid until other trained responders arrive, their job is critical to our Army’s combat strength.”

Throughout the War on Terrorism, the military as a whole has been challenged with numerous life threatening attacks. Improvised Explosive Devices, Vehicle Borne Explosive Devices and Explosively Formed Projectiles have claimed more than 2,000 lives in Iraq alone. Being trained to treat these common attacks is a force multiplier to the ranks.

With all the new technology and medical equipment coming out, leaders must change and evolve with the Army mission, every United States soldier should be required to take this course, said Low.

“It has been proven that first responders on the battle field save lives, Combat Life savers do save lives,” said Sgt. Bryan Oxley, Combat Life Saver instructor and Medical Platoon Sergeant for the STB.

“Our combat life savers can testify to the quality and seriousness of our training. Our trained Combat Life Savers have been first responders in numerous incidents and accidents on the dangerous roads of Iraq with astonishing first aid success rates,” said Oxley.

Throughout the 1st Sustainment Brigades deployment, combat life savers have successfully assisted and manned every mission essential operation during the Responsible Drawdown and Operation New Dawn. The Special Troops Battalion has trained over 40 soldiers in first responder and combat life saving techniques through the Combat Lifesaver training.

“Battle focused training is the key to our success, our leaders and instructors are passionate in the preservation of life and the mission. This course enables our Army to accomplish so much more due to so many Soldiers being Combat Life Saver trained, “said Oxley.