Combined clearing operations in Kandahar

ISAF Joint Command
Courtesy Story

Date: 10.07.2010
Posted: 10.07.2010 06:30
News ID: 57652

KABUL, Afghanistan - An Afghan National Security and International Security Assistance Force patrol killed three suspected insurgents and detained several more in southern Afghanistan Wednesday.

The force was conducting a route-clearing operation in Kandahar province when they spotted a group of military-aged males carrying weapons. A team was sent to the area to investigate the activity.

As the combined patrol entered the target area, they attempted to detain two armed insurgents. The insurgents attempted to engage the troops and were killed by the force.

The patrol then moved to clear a number of tents in the area and detained one suspected insurgent who was found hiding. As they continued past the tent area, the patrol was engaged with small-arms fire by another suspected insurgent. They returned fire, killing the man.

While continuing their patrol, a suspected insurgent was spotted attempting to hide on a hill. As the force attempted to question the man, he ran away. The force gave chase and as they approached him, he threatened the force by pulling a pistol from his shirt. The security force engaged the man, killing him.

As they continued to clear the area, another armed suspected insurgent was found hiding. The man attempted to engage the patrol and was killed.

Throughout the course of the operation, several women and children were protected by the security force. In subsequent questioning, one woman indicated that the suspected insurgents had demanded food and drink and threatened her family.

A total of three men were detained for further questioning during the operation.