Afghan Security Guard member shot by Taliban after attempted kidnapping

NATO Special Operations Component Command-Afghanistan
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Date: 08.27.2010
Posted: 08.28.2010 03:55
News ID: 55298

Story by: Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan Public Affairs

ORUZGAN, Afghanistan – An Afghan Security Guard member was shot by a member of the Taliban after an attempted kidnapping in Deh Rawod Aug. 27.

While meeting with local Afghans, the ASG member was confronted by four members of the Taliban. After a brief discussion, the Taliban unsuccessfully attempted to kidnap the local Afghan. He escaped the group, but was later shot.

He was transported to a local Coalition forces medical facility where he received medical treatment for his wounds.

“This is another example of a Taliban failure to intimidate Afghan civilians who are supportive of a stable and secure Afghan government,” said Maj. Paul Oliver, spokesman for Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan.