Local Iraqis receive much needed medical aid

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Date: 02.21.2006
Posted: 02.21.2006 16:35
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Dr. Taha Ahmed Treats a Patient

MOSUL, Iraq " A free medical screening was held today for the local populace of Malawi by Iraqi doctors and U.S. forces.

The screening brought much needed medical supplies and assistance to the people of Malawi. The deteriorated conditions of the roads, due to the rainy season, that lead in and out the town are impassible by civilian vehicles. This caused the local doctor, Taha Ahmed, to reach out and ask for assistance from U.S. forces.

Soldiers from 1st Battalion 17th Infantry Regiment and 401st Civil Affairs Battalion, easily passed through the rough roads with their Stryker vehicles filled with the much needed medical supplies to help the people of Malawi.

When the soldiers arrived they were greeted by a wave of locals in need of medical assistance. The supplies were quickly unloaded into the classrooms of the Malawi High School where a clinic was set up.

Ahmed, along with the assistance from Cpt. Minnie Daugherty, physicians assistant, 1st Bat. 17th Inf. Rgt., medical support group, treated the patients who stood out in line to be seen.

"I am grateful that we were able to receive this much help for the people of this town," said Ahmed.

The doctors treated all ages, men, women and children with illnesses and ailings from the common flu to blood clots. The patients were prescribed medication, which was provided by the Iraqi economy, after the doctors had made their prognosis.

The screening successfully provided healthcare to 149 citizens of Malawi and enough extra medication and supplies were given to Doctor Ahmed to sustain him until the roads could be passable again.