Provincial governor visits Spera District Center

Combined Joint Task Force 101
Story by Pfc. Christopher McKenna

Date: 07.31.2010
Posted: 07.31.2010 16:26
News ID: 53760
Provincial Governor Visits Spera District Center

Khost provincial Gov. Abdul Jabar Naeemi visited the Spera District Center, Khost province, Afghanistan July 25 to discuss improvements in the the Spera area.

This was the first time he'd visited Spera since taking office three months ago, and the district center was filled with village elders from around Spera.

“The main thing was him reminding the people that he is here for them,” said Mohammad Azim, Spera District sub-governor. “He even brought money for people whose family members have been killed by the [insurgents].”

The primary issues the governor addressed were the need for better healthcare with a possibility of a new medical facility, better education, with speculation on the addition of a secondary school; and any type of erosion control for the wadies in the area.

“We’ve already got a primary school in the area, but now hopefully we can start working toward building a high school,” Azim said.

While Naeemi has only been in office a short time, many of his constituents are already showing signs of impatience.

“We’ve been promised these things before,” Azim said. “Hopefully the new governor will hold to his words.”

Even with the past issues, Azim said he believes things are set to improve in the future, especially since the new governor is willing to visit.

The previous two Khost provincial governors never visited the Spera District, so Naeemi’s visit was well received.

“The people were very excited to see him and before he came we were looking forward to addressing him with our issues,” said Azim.