Taliban attacks village, Afghan villagers push back

ISAF Joint Command
Courtesy Story

Date: 07.13.2010
Posted: 07.13.2010 11:16
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KABUL, Afghanistan - Numerous Taliban and one Afghan civilan were killed when an unknown number of insurgents made an unsuccessful attack on the village of Aalai Shahea, Ghazni province today.

Early this morning insurgents moved from Khas Uruzgan District, Uruzgan province, to Ghazni province and attacked the village, which is mainly populated by Afghan security forces and their families.

After initial attempts to penetrate the village, Taliban fighters were met with effective resistance by residents and the insurgents fled the scene.

The incident is another example of villagers repelling insurgents. Back in April 2010, insurgents attacked the villagers of Gizab District.

After three days of fighting, the insurgents were defeated and driven out of Gizab. Between the villagers and combined patrol, several insurgents were killed and four were arrested.

"Attacking local people in their houses and villages demonstrates how desperate the Taliban have become in their failing operations to terrorize the Afghan people, and today the villagers fought back and won," said Maj. Paul Oliver, a CJSOTF-A spokesperson.