TF Marne Soldier wins AG warrant officer of the year award

3rd Infantry Division
Story by Spc. Michael Adams

Date: 06.23.2010
Posted: 06.25.2010 13:46
News ID: 51984
TF Marne Soldier wins AG warrant officer of the year award

TIKRIT, Iraq - Chief Warrant Officer 2 Pamela Rogers switched from the non-commissioned officer corps to be a warrant officer in 2006. However, she never forgot what all NCOs are taught - take care of Soldiers.

As a human resources technician for Division Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division, she has the opportunity to oversee personnel actions, awards and all administrative issues involving Soldiers in her unit.

Recently, the Treherneville, Va., native was awarded for her hard work, winning the 2010 Adjutant General Regimental Warrant Officer of the Year.

In order to qualify for the award, Rogers had to be recommended by her chain of command, including the senior AG officer in the unit, Lt. Col. Stephen Aiton, the 3rd ID G-1.

The Soldier must personify the values Lt. Gen. Timothy Maude portrayed in taking care of the mission, Soldiers, and their Families. They must also be a Soldier in good standing and score a 90 or above in each of the Army Physical Fitness Test events.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Rogers received the award, June 11, while on leave from Iraq, at the Adjutant General's Ball at the Soldier Support Institute, Fort Jackson, S.C. She also received the Lt. Gen. Timothy Maude Certificate of Excellence, Medal and a $100 savings bond. She was presented the award by Col. Robert Manning, commandant of the AG Corps, and Maude’s widow, Teri Maude. The certificate and medal are named for Lt. Gen. Timothy Maude, who was killed in the Pentagon during the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. He was serving as the adjutant general of the Army when he was killed.

“It’s awesome and humbling,” Rogers said. “It’s just an honor to be there in that league of AG warrant officers.”

Even though she is honored to be in that league, she feels she didn’t do anything different from any other warrant officer to win the award.

Capt. Korneliya Waters, the battalion S-1 officer in charge of DSTB, 3rd ID, was one of the many leaders who felt she is a distinguished warrant officer and helped her to get the award. According to her, Rogers is an important part of the battalion and the unit’s success.

“I don’t think the battalion would be the same without her being here,” Waters, of Jacksonville, Fla., said. “She’s a workaholic and everybody knows it. She always works with a purpose, and she always accomplishes. Every minute that she spends working produces tangible results.”

Waters said everyone who works with Rogers respects her and looks at her as a mother figure.

“Everybody who has encountered Chief Rogers knows that she is one of the best warrant officers,” she added. “She’s always helpful, her demeanor is great, her disposition is great and she knows her stuff.”

For Rogers, it is her job and dedication that is the most important to her career.

“I just want to help everyone and I know other warrant officers want to do the same thing,” she added. “My focus is mission, Soldiers and their Families,”

The AG Corps is the second oldest branch of the Army. It was founded in 1775.

Originally, it was created to make sure all of the Soldiers’ paperwork and administrative issues were taken care of - a mission it still accomplishes to this day. The corps covers all administrative sections of the Army, including every S-1 or G-1 section.

For Rogers, the award is an honor, but it is even more of an honor winning while being with the 3rd Infantry Division.

“That’s the best part of it,” she said. “To win this award while representing Dog Face Soldiers, that makes this award even more special.”

Even though she doesn’t feel she did any one thing to win the award, she will continue to do one thing - take care of Soldiers.