HMLA-369 assumes responsibilities from HMLA-367

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar / 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing
Story by Cpl. Justis Beauregard

Date: 05.11.2010
Posted: 05.11.2010 00:49
News ID: 49453
HMLA-369 Assumes Responsibilities From HMLA-367

CAMP BASTION, Afghanistan — Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 367, "Scarface," transferred responsibilities as 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward)'s light attack aviation unit to Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 369, the "Gunfighters," during a transfer of authority ceremony, May 10. <br /> <br /> Lt. Col. Michael A. Moore, the Gunfighter's commanding officer, assumed command from Lt. Col. Michael J. Borgschulte, Scarface's commanding officer.<br /> <br /> "We conducted 40 strikes, most in close combat," said Borgschulte. "We dished out, 16 hellfire [missiles], 25,000 50-caliber [rounds], 48,000 20-millimeter [rounds], 120,000 7.62 [millimeter rounds] – those are some impressive statistics."<br /> <br /> Scarface will now return home to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif., after a year away from their families. As the Marines begin their trip home, the Gunfighters will continue support for I Marine Expeditionary Force's ground combat operations.