The Dinner Bell Rings at Silver Scimitar 2010

210th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
Story by Spc. Cooper Cash

Date: 03.23.2010
Posted: 03.24.2010 19:09
News ID: 47164
The Dinner Bell Rings at Silver Scimitar 2010

FORT DEVENS, Mass. -- Hearing the sounds of a mechanical potato peeler, salmon cakes sizzling on the grill, and trays of rolls being pulled from an industrial-sized oven are appealing to the ear and the tongue. Although Silver Scimitar 2010 is a human resources oriented exercise, the Soldiers participating like to orient themselves to the nearest, and best, food after each long training session. A collection of Reserve and Active Soldiers have come together from eight units around the country to provide exceptional food service to Silver Scimitar 2010.

The warrior cooks have unique tastes and ideas of what food should be, but that doesn't hinder their dedication and production of edible delights.

"Bringing all these reserve cooks together from all over the country has come together and has offered different ideas on how food should be made," said Sgt. 1st Class Tommy A. Hetherington, a cook from the 461st Human Resource Company located in Mobile, Ala.

Many of the Silver Scimitar 2010 cooks are also professionals in other areas in the civilian world, and this exercise provides them with several days of continuous food preparation and cooking training throughout its duration.

"A lot of these Soldiers don't cook on a regular basis, but I do," said Staff Sgt. Angela Y. Jennings, an active duty cook from the 22nd HRC out of Fort Lewis, Wash. "I'm helping getting them used to it."
For the cooks here, the Army phrase "train as you fight" is as relevant as ever.

"This exercise is very realistic when compared to wartime situations," said Sgt. 1st Class Garrison A. Couch, a food service manager from the 461st HRC.