Transfer of Authority in the Sinai

Task Force Sinai
Story by Maj. Jorden Weir

Date: 12.17.2009
Posted: 12.17.2009 02:17
News ID: 42865
Transition of Authority Ceremony

On Dec. 16, the 1st U.S. Army Support Battalion conducted a Transition of Authority Ceremony at North Camp located in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. The outgoing battalion commander, Lt. Col. Gary Robinson II, relinquished command to the incoming battalion commander, Lt. Col. Carlos Rodriguez. The ceremony was presided over by the Task Force Sinai Commander, Col. James Mingo, who is also the chief of Staff for the Multi-National Force and Observers.

The MFO is an independent peacekeeping organization that monitors the 1979 Treaty of Peace between The State of Israel and The Arab Republic of Egypt. The MFO currently has twelve participating countries including the recent addition of the Czech Republic to the force.

1SB provides essential support elements to the force to include an aviation company, a medical company, a headquarters company, and an explosive ordinance disposal detachment.