Operational Update, Nov. 10: ANP, ISAF Seize 50,000 Pounds of Suspected Bomb Making Material in Kandahar; ISAF Detains Taliban Militants and Interdicts a Taliban Facilitator; ISAF Casualty

International Security Assistance Force HQ Public Affairs
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Date: 11.10.2009
Posted: 11.10.2009 06:39
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KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan national police and ISAF forces seized 500,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, 5,000 IED components and detained 15 people after a raid in Kandahar, Nov. 8.

Based on reliable information, the patrol discovered 1,000 100-lb. bags of fertilizer, which is often used by insurgents to make explosives, and detained 15 people in a warehouse. After the initial find another 4,000 100-lb. bags of fertilizer were found in a nearby compound.

Ammonium nitrate fertilizer is a key ingredient of homemade explosives and used in the majority of main charges for IEDs. This type of fertilizer is illegal in Afghanistan.

"This was a tremendous success for the Afghan national police who led this operation," said Lt. Col. Todd Vician, an ISAF spokesman. "This find will undoubtedly save many lives and points to the increasing capability of the Afghan national security forces."

Afghan-International Security Force Detains Taliban Militants in Logar and Interdicts Taliban Facilitator in Helmand.

An Afghan-international security force detained several suspected militants in Logar province while pursuing a Taliban commander operating in the area and linked to several local Taliban shadow government leaders.

The joint security force targeted compounds near the village of Yusof Kheyl in Baraki Barak district after intelligence indicated militant activity. The joint force searched the compounds without incident and detained the suspected militants. No shots were fired, and no Afghan civilians were injured during this operation.

In a separate operation, an Afghan-international security force detained a group of suspected militants in Helmand province, including a sought-after Taliban facilitator responsible for weapon shipments to other militant elements and heavily linked to narcotics traffic in the area.

The joint security force targeted a compound in the rural section of Garmsir District where intelligence sources reported the Taliban facilitator to be located.

The joint force searched the compound without incident, recovered IED-making materials, bomb-making manuals and detained the group of suspected militants. One of the suspects surrendered and identified himself as the Taliban facilitator. No shots were fired, and no Afghan civilians were injured during this operation.

ISAF Casualty

An ISAF service member died as a result of an IED strike in Southern Afghanistan today. The service member was from the United States.