New civil military operations center opens in Salah Ad Din

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Date: 11.21.2005
Posted: 11.21.2005 16:12
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New civil military operations center opens in Salah Ad Din

Sgt. 1st Class Thomas Mills

Coalition Forces opened a new civil military operations center near Tikrit November 21. The new CMOC is located just inside the main entry control point to Forward Operating Base Speicher, just north of the city.

The former sight of the civil military information center at Forward Operating Base Danger in downtown Tikrit was closed in anticipation of returning that base to Iraqi control.

According to Cpt. David Williams, civil affairs officer, Co. B, 445th Civil Affairs Battalion, the difference between the old CMIC and the new CMOC is more than just location. Williams said the CMIC was more of a mixture of centers, dealing with business, medical and legal assistance, for the Iraqi people. Having those centers located at the new CMOC was logistically difficult.

"The CMOC takes everyone, processes them and sends them out to the proper center," Williams said.

The CMOC will be staffed by civil affairs Soldiers as well as Coalition Forces legal experts.

"They (Iraqis) contact Civil Affairs for medical assistance or Coalition Forces for official business," said Sgt. Bobby Mateo, foreign claims paralegal, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division.

One of the main functions of the CMOC will be dealing with legal affairs, said Mateo.

"This is where Iraqis claim foreign damages," Mateo said. Foreign damages are mostly classed as injury or damage to property caused by Coalition Forces, Mateo explained.

Along with Coalition Forces representatives there will be Iraqi Army representatives as well, said Williams. An IA CA officer will be on hand to deal with the cases that are culturally sensitive, or difficult for a US Army Soldier to deal with.

"The (challenge is) to get the right things to the right people," said Williams.