3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division
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Date: 12.10.2019
Posted: 01.06.2020 18:58
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By: Cpt. Bobby Leeman, F FSC Commander, 6th Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regt.
CAMP HOVEY, Republic of Korea—Sustainers in 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team “Greywolf”, 1st Cavalry Division joined together to compete in the first ever Truck Rodeo hosted by F Co. Forward Support Company, 6th Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regt. on December 10, 2019 here.
The truck rodeo is a skills competition and training event which tested Soldiers’ driving skills and MOS knowledge. Soldiers were tested on six events ranging from flat rack loading/unloading procedures to maneuvering a heavy expanded mobility tactical truck (HEMTT) through a tight serpentine course.

“I was extremely excited to showcase my skills in the truck rodeo,” said Spc. Nicholas Freeman a motor transport operator for Fury Troop, 6-9 CAV. “I always wondered who the best operator was in my company so when I got the chance to compete, I was ecstatic. Not only did I get to compete against my fellow platoon members but against operators from other battalions.”

The truck rodeo events consisted of a timed high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle tire change, light medium tactical vehicle preventive maintenance check and service with requiring teams to identify predetermined faults, HEMTT trailer straight line backing and correct ground guiding procedures, timed LMTV tire chain install, flat rack loading and unloading procedures, and a HEMTT serpentine course.

“The competition was an excellent experience, being able to learn and build on our skills with fellow FSC Soldiers was a great opportunity,” said Cpl. Davis Adugyamfi a petroleum supply specialist for Echo FSC, 3rd Brigade Engineer Battalion. “The truck rodeo events really tested our skills. I’m looking forward to competing in next year’s truck rodeo.”

The events may seem simple to motor transport operators but are essential skills all drivers and truck commanders must master. Tensions were high as the competition began. Each team consisted of very skilled operators from forward support companies fighting for the title of best operator and TC. As the day progressed spots on the leaderboard were traded, as well as the knowledge and secrets of each team.

“The truck rodeo was a fun and great learning experience, said Spc. Antonio Davis a petroleum supply specialist for Fury Troop, 6-9 CAV. “It helped me and my battle-buddy build teamwork and work under high pressure situations. We were able to see how difficult it can be doing our everyday job in high intense moments.”

The truck rodeo demonstrated teams motor transport proficiency while being challenged at maximum level. The teams were able to build relationships and share experiences from units throughout the brigade. The truck rodeo enhanced esprit de corps, fostered a healthy competitive spirit, and tested the driving skills of sustainers in Greywolf.