Joint U.S. and Canadian MP range

5th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
Story by Staff Sgt. Christopher Jelle

Date: 12.18.2019
Posted: 12.18.2019 08:57
News ID: 356155
U.S. and Canadian military police conduct weapons training in Romania

U.S. Army Soldiers participated in a weapons training range run by Canadian Armed Forces stationed at Mihail Kog─âlniceanu Air Base, Romania, Dec. 18, 2019. The Soldiers trained on using the M-4 rifle and M-9 pistol while simultaneously performing complex movements.

"The movements we are doing on this range are a little more dynamic than the ones we normally run. I've never had to do a 180-degree turn and fire before, so it's pretty fun getting to do that," said Pfc. George Nichols, military police, 382nd Military Police Detachment, U.S. Army Reserve based in San Diego, Calif.

The opportunity allowed the American participants to learn different techniques and understand different commands given during the range.

"I thought it would be interesting and fun to see how the Canadians operate and run a range," said Spc. James Courser, military police, 382nd MP Det. about being given the opportunity to participate in the foreign led training. "Being invited to be a part of this range means more cohesiveness between our fighting forces."

When asked about having the Americans joining in on the training, Cpt. Dusty Poyser, Canadian Air Task Force-Romania Force Protection Element said, "It ensures interoperability, not only between our militaries, but between our nations too. It helps build and maintain our relationships."