Pursuit and Perseverance

Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island
Story by Lance Cpl. Dylan Walters

Date: 07.09.2019
Posted: 07.09.2019 09:59
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Pursuit and Perseverance
Staff Sgt. Nataly Osborne is a drill instructor with 4th Battalion at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island. She went through drill instructor school twice, after the first time presented a unique obstacle.
“Two weeks before graduation I found out I was nine weeks pregnant, it was a decision for the 4th Battalion sergeant major at the time to either keep me or send me back to the fleet,” said Osborne. “They told me I was going back to the fleet because [my husband was a drill instructor] and they didn’t want two active duty drill instructors with a newborn.”
After Osborne was sent to the fleet and her first son was born, she used the time to focus on her family and career.
“After I was dropped from DI school I hit the ground running,” said Osborne. “I went back to the fleet and had my first son, after that I went to the advanced school for my MOS while I was pregnant with my second son.”
After numerous hardships, Osborne graduated from drill instructor school in 2018, fulfilling her goal of becoming a drill instructor.
“Pregnancy isn’t a crutch—for me it’s what pushed me harder,” said Staff Sgt. Nataly Osborne. “I want to leave a better legacy for my children. I wanted to show my children, you might go through hardships or setbacks but there’s always a way; If you’re driven and determined to succeed, you will succeed.”
(U.S. Marine Corps story by Lance Cpl. Dylan Walters)