U.S. Marines Corps military police officer participates in international exercise

III MEF Information Group
Story by Lance Cpl. Kindo Go

Date: 06.22.2019
Posted: 06.22.2019 20:05
News ID: 328812
U.S. Marine Corps military officer participates in international exercise

U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Michael Barnes is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and fallowed a long family tradition by joining the Marines. Barnes has always wanted join the illustrious organization ever since he was five years old. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great grandfather. Barnes has always felt that joining the Marines was something he had to do, that it was his “higher calling.” He is now a military police officer with 3rd Law Enforcement Battalion and is participating in Khaan Quest 2019 from June 14-28.
Q: How do you feel being in the Marine Corps?
A: “I love the Marine Corps! I love what it stands for and the passion it has. We’re the first ones ready to defend America whenever the need arises. There is nothing better than being in the Marines. You get to be with your friends all day, you go out to do missions and you get to see the different parts of the world. I believe the Marine Corps has made me a better man.”
Q: Why do you think Khaan Quest is important?
A: “Khaan Quest is really important because it helps build new relations and keep already good ones with other countries. Khaan Quest really helps you get different perspectives and deeper understanding on how different types of people interact with others who are from different parts of the world. It’s a good way for nations to train with each other and see how each one can help one another improve themselves.”
Q: How do you feel working with different countries?
A: “Personally, I love working with other countries. Spending time with the Mongolians has really brought out my respect for them after showing me their different ways of life. Many people live a lot differently than we do in the United States. Working with other countries has really broadened my perspectives about different people from all over the world.”