CATC awards their first ever Instructor Badge

7th Army Training Command
Story by Sgt. Christopher Stewart

Date: 04.29.2019
Posted: 05.06.2019 04:05
News ID: 320828
Basic Army Instructor Badge- A Family Affair

VILSECK, Germany – For the first time, the Combined Arms Training Center (CATC) awards the Basic Army Instructor Badge at Vilseck, Germany, April 29, 2019.
Sgt. 1st Class Dean Butcher and Sgt. 1st Class John Basileo were the first to receive the badge for their outstanding performance as instructors from CATC. Sgt. 1st Class John Basileo earned the badge but was unable to attend the badging ceremony.

“This is the first time that CATC has been able to present this award,” said Maj. Michael Meyers, the chief of CATC.

Other training programs around the Army have had the opportunity to award this badge but due to a Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) policy change, CATC is now able to do the same.

“In May of fiscal year (20)18, the Instructor Recognition Development Program transitioned from the Institute for Professional Development to the Army University,” said Meyers.

Beforehand, schools not affiliated with TRADOC didn’t have the power to award this badge. Now, CATC and other schools for Soldiers have the framework and the authority to award the badge to qualifying instructors.
In addition, sister service members and civilians can now receive this award also, said Meyers.

Col. Timothy Davis, the G3 for the 7th Army Training Command, presented the badge to Butcher. Davis expressed that being an expert educator requires some real-life prerequisites.

“You have to be an expert in your field first before you can be an expert educator,” said Davis. “Sgt. 1st Class Butcher is the best of both worlds.”

The purpose of the Basic Army Instructor Badge is to provide recognition to certified Army instructors who meet and exceed standards and requisites established in TRADOC regulation.

“The program establishes a set of goals and incentives for Soldiers and civilians who want to excel in their profession as an Army instructor,” said Osvaldo Rivera, the chief of the Training Development and Quality Assurance for CATC. “The Basic Army Instructor Badge is the first of three instructor badge levels that an instructor can obtain throughout their career, with the other two being the Senior and Master Instructor Badge.”

The main requirements for this badge are to complete the Common Faculty Development- Instructor Course, in which the instructor receives their Additional Skill Identifier (ASI), teach for 80 hours of unaided instruction time, and be awarded a score of 12 or better in total, with no zero in any category, on each of two evaluations.
Butcher plans to return back to 2nd Cavalry Regiment in the near future and take what he’s learned at CATC to help improve his Soldiers.

“The reward is knowing that I’ll be helping people from my organization,” Butcher said. “It’s actually pretty amazing.”