West Province Civic Leaders Condemn Zarqawi and Terrorists

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Date: 10.05.2005
Posted: 10.05.2005 16:09
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West Province Leaders

FOB WARRIOR, Iraq - Leaders from West Kirkuk Province condemned Zarqawi and all terrorists, October 3, at the West Province leader meeting, held in Kirkuk.

The weekly meetings of the leaders from the west end of Kirkuk Province are dominated by two topics: the Constitutional Referendum and security within the Province. These leaders acknowledged at the most recent meeting, how much Kirkuk Province is better off than almost any other province when it comes to security.

Abu Saef, mayor of Multaka, who co-chaired this week's meeting with Huwayjah Mayor, Amir Abdullah Mohammed, made it clear what kind of stand the leaders should be taking.

"We condemn Zarqawi and all the terrorists and what they are doing,