A day in the life of an Uniformed Victim Advocate

Marine Corps Installations Pacific
Story by Pfc. Zachary Larsen

Date: 04.15.2019
Posted: 04.15.2019 02:42
News ID: 318096
A Day in the Life of a UVA

CAMP FOSTER, OKINAWA, Japan- “I have always wanted to help Marines and now I formally can,” said Sgt. John D. Rodriguez Jr., a Uniformed Victim Advocate and central office repairman with Headquarters and Support Battalion, Marine Corps Installations Pacific-Marine Corps Base Camp Butler, Japan.
When Rodriguez was a junior Marine, Rodriguez loved helping his fellow Marines, but some issues were out of his hands. So, Rodriguez decided to become a UVA.
A UVA is someone that a Marine can talk to if they have been a victim of sexual assault.
“We are here to provide support for Marines and to get them the resources they need,” said Rodriguez, a Cleveland, Ohio, native.
Rodriguez believes being a UVA has great benefits for both the UVA and the people they help.
"The most rewarding part as a UVA is being able to help," Rodriguez said. "I'm always glad to be there for the Marines."
Marines who want to go the extra mile for their fellow Marines would make great UVAs according to Rodriguez.
"A UVA needs to be able to reach out a helping hand and let somebody grab onto it for help,” said Rodriguez.
If you are interested in becoming a UVA, contact your local Uniform Victim Advocate’s Office or your unit’s UVA.