Arrest warrant issued for killer of Soldier and interpreter

3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division
Story by Maj. Ramona Bellard

Date: 03.13.2009
Posted: 03.13.2009 19:06
News ID: 31093
Arrest warrant issued for killer of Soldier and interpreter

MOSUL, Iraq — A warrant was issued on March 8 for the arrest of the individuals responsible for and involved in the deaths of 1st Lt. William Emmert and his interpreter who were shot and killed by a man in an Iraqi police uniform on Feb. 24 while visiting an IP station in Mosul.

The warrant was issued after Staff Sgt. Thomas Hosfelt, a military policeman with the 302nd Military Police Company, testified against the assailants before two Iraqi investigative judges.

Hosfelt, who was injured in the attack, reported on the day of the incident that the suspect opened fire through a cracked door and into a room in the Iraqi police headquarters building where he, Emmert and the other two wounded Soldiers and the interpreters were gathered. Though injured, he took chase after the suspect and fired his weapon at the suspect. Hosfelt also reported that he believed that he struck the suspect but that a second suspect helped the shooter get away.

On the day of the incident the Iraqi police immediately responded implementing an order to be on the look-out for the suspects. The Ninewah Operations Center directed all command posts in East Mosul to conduct a thorough search of all vehicles in the area. Iraqi security forces also conducted a search of the suspects' Mosul residences.

To date, the suspects remain at large.

"The testimony of Staff Sgt. Hosfelt will assist in bringing these criminals to justice and demonstrate to our Iraqi partners and the Iraqi people the power of justice through the Rule of Law," said Capt. Edward Linneweber, brigade judge advocate, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division.