Educate, Innovate, Lead, and Serve Are the Principles the Students at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University Demonstrate.

1st Medical Recruiting Battalion
Story by Jeremy Todd

Date: 11.15.2018
Posted: 01.07.2019 11:07
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Cooper Medical School Students of Rowan University Participate in Community Listening Session

(Fort Meade, Md.) – Students and faculty alike truly believe that every day is Veterans’ Day at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University. Special guests and students from CMSRU honored service members by holding a panel discussion focusing on the study of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the alternative approaches to treat the often times disabling condition.

About 400,000 veterans had a PTSD diagnosis in 2013 according to the VA health system. The DOD has used alternative means of treating the disorder for years to include transcendental meditation, acupuncture, yoga, and exposure therapy, some with regimented prescriptions and some without. US Army Medical Recruiting Company Commander CPT Caleb Manning, RN, BC, represented the Army’s approach to treating PTSD. Not only is he open to treating patients through alternative methods, he is a pioneer in it. As a Psychiatric Nurse with extensive in-patient military hospital experience, Manning says the Army has always practiced the patient-first technique. “Every individual is unique. In Army Healthcare all soldiers receive personalized care to treat and manage their diagnosis.”

However, when service members leave the military they often lose that connection they had while serving, and that is often where Veteran Service Organizations fill that void. VSOs have long offered alternative healing opportunities to service members and their families. From equine therapy to hunting and fishing excursions, VSOs are the link to recreating the comradery service members often yearn for. While the military focuses on readiness, VSOs focus on maintenance.

The Veterans Day event began with the featured documentary “A Journey Back to Normal” by Nicole Amelio-Casper, who is the wife of a combat veteran.

Following the viewing of the documentary “A Journey Back to Normal,” Amelio-Casper fielded questions from CMSRU students. Some of those featured in the piece joined her for the panel: Joseph Casale - Veteran, US Marine Corp Rifleman and Machine Gunner, Ellie Williams, Executive Director of Equiteam Support Services, Dallastown, PA, and Sanne Abayomi, Therapist, Equiteam Support Services.

Following the ceremony, panelists and students were able to gather in front of several displays focusing of healing the hidden wounds of war. CMSRU prides itself on being all-inclusive, but takes extra pride in being military friendly. More than a handful of military medical school students attended the event. Afterwards they were able to interact with the panelists and chat about how they will help when they graduate and move onto their medical field.
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