Comm Flyaway kit ensures Tyndall readiness during disaster cleanup

325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Story by Senior Airman Cody Miller

Date: 12.11.2018
Posted: 12.11.2018 15:43
News ID: 303056
Comm Flyaway kit ensures Tyndall readiness during disaster cleanup

TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla.—Airmen from the 325th Communications Squadron have prepared for any emergency in the event of a communication failure with tertiary backup systems to keep the mission going at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla.

The 325th CS radio frequency transmission systems section are responsible for maintaining the kit, called a Communications Flyaway Kit. The CFK provides Non-secure Internet Protocol Router, Secure Internet Protocol Router, and Voice Over Secure Internet Protocol, more commonly referred to as NIPR, SIPR and VOSIP respectively, within 30 minutes during emergency and contingency operations.

The CFK has been set-up and is prepared to take over communication functions immediately in case of any communication failure.

“We have it set up and ready to go,” said Senior Airman Jason Day, 325th CS radio frequency transmission system journeyman. “We can switch to the CFK immediately in the event of a failure with minimal stoppage to the affected systems.”

Radio frequency transmission systems technicians usually install and maintain radio frequency communications systems at their installation. This includes the responsibility of deploying, sustaining, troubleshooting and repairing a vast variety of communications devices to ensure our ability to communicate.

“Before the hurricane we mainly worked on the radios that supported the different units on base,” Day said. “Since the hurricane we’re mainly focused on getting the emergency services back online such as the giant voice system.”

Day said he believes that he and his shop serve a critical role in maintaining Tyndall’s readiness.

“I’ve been here since three days after the hurricane and it was the dark ages at first,” said Day. “Once we linked up with combat communications from other bases though, we were able to build an infrastructure from there. Our communication ability is one of the most important things we have, it keeps us mission capable at all levels.”