Sgt. Sean Wickett, Soldier of the Week

Evans Army Community Hospital
Story by Alexandra Shea

Date: 11.20.2018
Posted: 11.26.2018 16:51
News ID: 301267
Sgt. Sean Wickett, Soldier of the Week

Sgt. Sean Wickett is a wheeled vehicle mechanic with the 627th Hospital Center. He recently returned to his hometown of Merritt Island, Florida, for block leave when Hurricane Michael struck the Florida Panhandle. Wickett’s father, a retired Lutheran minister, was called out of retirement immediately after the hurricane struck to provide ministry to local residents of Panama City Beach, Florida. Wickett drove with his father through the hurricane’s aftermath to the church. Once he arrived, he volunteered his time to assist sealing the church from the elements and got the kitchen operational again. Once the kitchen was in working order, it was used to provide hot meals to displaced residents and those providing relief efforts. Wickett says seeing the devastation from the hurricane and the people effected was a humbling experience.