772nd Military Police train Numaniyah Iraqi Police

Multi-National Division-Central
Story by Sgt. 1st Class Joe Thompson

Date: 02.17.2009
Posted: 02.17.2009 08:54
News ID: 30109
772nd Military Police train Numaniyah Iraqi Police

By Sgt. 1st Class Joe Thompson
41st Fires Brigade

FORWARD OPERATING BASE DELTA, Iraq – The Iraqi police at the Numaniyah Iraqi police station were introduced to the train-the-trainer concept of instruction by the 772nd Military Police Company.

"One of the things we want to do for the IPs is to explain how they can create trainers here at the station," said Kevin Zaldua, Iraqi police advisor, who works with the 772nd MP Co.

The train-the-trainer program teaches one person to be an expert for a specific lesson or class which they can then teach to others.

According to Zaldua, from Leesburg, Va., a lot of IP stations don't have appointed training officers, but the Numaniyah station is in good shape in that regard.

The Numaniyah station has three training officers who went to school in Baghdad before they were assigned to the station, according to the Numaniyah IP station chief.

"They conduct training on vehicle searches, personnel searches and physical training," Col. Hamid Khanam Kadim Hassan, Assistant Police Chief, District Headquarters.

The goal of the partnership is to bring that training to the next level, not only in what is being taught, but also the administrative side of keeping training records and files of all the IPs at the station, said Staff Sgt. Michael Petterson, squad leader, 1st Squad, 3rd Platoon, 772nd MP Co.

"Every week, we want to train one of the trainers, so they can be instructors, and then they can have classes every week on anything: on vehicle searching, personnel searching, on any law enforcement issues," said Petterson, from Billerica, Mass.

"We want to work with them to establish a program, and we think it would be beneficial if they kept files on every single officer so they can see what they have been trained on, and that way they can have experts in different areas," added Petterson.

The Numaniyah station training officer, Lt. Belah, said he welcomes the new training and realizes that it will be beneficial to receive the training from the MPs, especially since they will not always be around to help the IPs.

"When the MPs give us the training, we get the experience from them, to become experts," said Belah.

"We are not here to tell them how to train their IPs or how to do their job, we're just here to help them and to make suggestions to make their station better, because that's our job," said Petterson. "We're just here to better help them to train their IPs."