H&HS rams MWHS-2 in 2018 Field Meet

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point
Story by Lance Cpl. Alexandra Amor Santosarambulo

Date: 10.05.2018
Posted: 10.05.2018 10:34
News ID: 295539
H&HS rams MWHS-2 in 2018 Field Meet

With an unprecedented show of force, Headquarters & Headquarters Squadron obliterated Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 2 during their annual Field Meet at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., Aug. 31, 2018. Under the searing North Carolina sun, H&HS became back-to-back champs with a lop-sided score of seven to two, in a contest that usually is not decided until the final moments.

Marines brought their game faces to the field as they competed against all ranks. The units faced off in events including a tug-of-war, a timed pull-up competition, CO/XO/SgtMaj relay race, and volleyball matches.

The Field Meet encouraged Marines to showcase their best performance, embracing Marines’ competitive nature. In the end, the most daunting challenge was having the H&HS command staff lug the enormous trophy off the field.