Communication Is Key

15th Marine Expeditionary Unit
Story by Cpl. Jeremy Laboy

Date: 09.12.2018
Posted: 09.12.2018 14:01
News ID: 292441
Communication Is Key

"There are a lot of elements to remember when setting up communications; if any of the variables are off, it can make or break your connection. CPX, (Command Post Exercise) helps us get familiarized with our equipment and hammer out the bugs with hands-on training and live scenarios. When we deploy, we will not only have the knowledge but also, the experience to provide communication to the forwarding units."
"The most rewarding part of my job is troubleshooting a piece of equipment, figuring out the issue and solving the problem.“
- Cpl. Tyler Gustis, Satellite Communication Operator with SPMAGTF-CC-CR 19.1