Brigade Staff Stay Fit During Saber Strike

18th Military Police Brigade
Courtesy Story

Date: 06.21.2018
Posted: 06.21.2018 08:10
News ID: 281766

By 2nd Lt. Sierra N. Ejzak
18th Military Police Brigade Public Affairs

ZAGAN, Poland- Readiness is the number one priority of General Mark A. Milley, Chief of Staff of the Army. Being ready to deploy whenever the moment calls is crucial for the Army’s mission. Soldiers assigned to Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 18th Military Police Brigade made it a priority to maintain a high level of physical readiness during their deployment to Poland for Saber Strike 18.

Soldiers in HHC crushed the notion that an expensive gym is needed to get a good workout. They created a makeshift fitness area, employing sandbags, weapons, and other objects in the area. First Sergeant Ambar Yenz said, “Staying fit is a task. You have to find time in the field to maintain individual readiness. This can be accomplished by push-up competitions, building fighting positions, or setting up the DFAC as far away from the Brigade TOC as possible”.

Soldiers working on staff can be extremely busy in a deployed environment. Their days consist of endless briefings and meetings. Some staff members used a bit of friendly competition to get out of their seats and on the move. Captain Brandon Slusher participated in a push-up competition. The Soldier who executed the most push-ups during Saber Strike earned a valuable prize – bragging rights. “Saber Strike was the perfect example of workouts becoming contagious. The push-up competition started with just a couple people, but by the end, ten people were participating in it. We kept track of our totals on a white board, and kept each other motivated throughout the exercise”, said Slusher.

With the high operational tempo in Europe, units are required to be mentally and physically fit in order to deploy into and out of theater, pass an Army Physical Fitness Test or deploy to a follow on mission. Whether the mission is a month or year long, HHC, 18th Military Police Brigade has set the pace for their Soldiers to remain fit to fight tonight.