Attack through the gas: Marines of 2nd LAR perform live-fire range in full MOPP

2nd Marine Division
Story by Lance Cpl. Timothy Lutz

Date: 03.23.2018
Posted: 03.27.2018 15:49
News ID: 270815
Attack through the gas: Marines of 2nd LAR perform live-fire range in full MOPP

The Marines conducted gunnery training using LAV-25A2 Light Armored Vehicles while wearing Mission Oriented Protective Posture gear level four. The two training events have never before been performed in combination.
“When we come out here and shoot a regular table we have CBRN engagements, where we put the gas mask on for one engagement, shoot, and take the mask off after the ‘all clear’,” said Sgt. Christopher Huey, a Master Gunner for Alpha Company. “But this takes the crew to another level. It’s going to be better training for them as well, getting used to wearing [MOPP] gear while we’re operating.”
Level four is the highest level of protection from CBRN threats, with a full protective suit, gloves, and boots incorporated in addition to the gas masks. 2nd LAR wanted to prepare for any possible threat, due to the fact that the Light Armored Vehicle crew members are extremely versatile and face a heightened probability of operating within a CBRN threat environment. Therefore, the Marines of 2nd LAR must train to overcome the challenge.
“LAVs can go almost anywhere you need them to go,” said Sgt. Joseph Owen, a vehicle commander for 1st Platoon, Alpha Company. “There’s really no clime or place these vehicles can’t go. As Light Armored Reconnaissance, that’s the standard we keep.”
No matter the threat, the time, or the environment, Marines are ready to rise to the challenge. New combinations of training aid in strengthening the overall will to fight. This allows Marines to fearlessly enter and win battles when opportunities present themselves.