The 3rd LAR’s 15th Reunion

Defense Media Activity - Marines
Story by Pfc. Marcos Alvarado

Date: 03.20.2018
Posted: 03.20.2018 13:14
News ID: 269995

3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion celebrated its 15th reunion, March 17, 2018. Marines who served in 3rd LAR during the invasion of Iraq in 2003 met in Falls Church, Virginia to remember the fallen and share stories of their time in the unit.
The ceremony began with Marines from the Marine Corps band playing a fanfare while a color guard escorted the 3rd LAR’s battle streamers. After the opening ceremony, former 3rd LAR operations officer retired Lt. Col. Mike Starling made opening remarks. In attendance was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford and Deputy Director for Force Management Maj. Gen. Stacy Clardy, both who were commanders of the battalion at the time of the Iraq War. Dunford was commanding general of Regimental Combat Team 5 and Clardy was commanding officer of 3rd LAR. Both came to see their Marines and wish them well.
Afterwards, Marines of the 3rd LAR played old newsreels of their unit in action. Marines were conversing and catching up while the newsreels played. Many of the attendants were laughing and talking.
“I’ve not been in many units that had [that] special feeling this group of Wolf Pack Marines did and so we wanted to recapture that. We didn’t want it to just slip away,” said Starling.
Reunions of Marines who have moved on from the Corps are common, but 3rd LAR exemplifies true “Esprit de Corps” by not forgetting its own.
Philip Lee, a former lance corporal and infantryman said, “It is all about brotherhood, camaraderie and knowing that Marines stick together and never forget about each other.”
3rd LAR sets the bar for Marines caring for their own brethren; this is what makes them one of the most strongest and consolidated battalions in the Marine Corps.