Afghan national security forces, Coalition help open agricultural center in Paktia province

U.S. Forces Afghanistan
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Date: 11.08.2008
Posted: 11.08.2008 12:17
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Afghan National Security Forces, Coalition help open agricultural center in Paktia province

By the U.S. Forces Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan – Citizens of Dand Patan District, Paktia province Thursday celebrated the opening of the Moqbil Tribal Agricultural and Government Center.

About 50 villagers, including many tribal elders, attended the dedication of the new center. Afghan national security forces and coalition forces who assisted in building the center were also on hand.

The new facility provides farmers with innovative and efficient methods to enhance the production, harvesting and selling of their crops. The center will also propagate the Winter Wheat Seed program which distributes seeds and trains villagers on how to properly plant and grow crops in the harsh Afghan climate.

Under the Winter Wheat Seed program the seed produced by the harvest will be stored at the agricultural center and re-distributed to additional farmers in outlying areas. Eventually all farmers in Dand Patan District will have the opportunity to grow and harvest their own wheat seed.

The center is also intended to stimulate the local economy by encouraging villagers in the area to grow and sell their own food instead of having to pay the higher prices charged by criminal elements.

Village elders said the center is a symbol of how committed their local government and coalition forces are to helping the people of Dand Patan. "The unveiling of this center is a clear indication that the government is listening to the people," said Dor Akbar, the Moqbil tribal mullah. "The center will also provide a safe haven for the people of Dand Patan to come together to meet and discuss issues which affect them and their families."